Oathocracy | The Oath. Reinvented. | A Social App that Rewards Trust.

The Oath. Reinvented.

Build a trustworthy reputation by making and keeping promises with others in your social network. Use the trust you’ve built to get things done in the world.

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What is Oathocracy?

Oathocracy is the first social app that rewards trustworthy behavior. We are building a global movement that empowers people to interact, work and cooperate with each other based on trust.

Oathocracy | Find Trustworthy People

Find Trustworthy People.

Oathocracy | Make a Promise

Make an Oath.

Oathocracy | Add Witnesses

Add witnesses.

Oathocracy | Reputation Panel

Build Your Reputation.

How to use Oathocracy?

Make promises with others on the go. Invite people to “witness” the promises you’ve made. Keep your promises and build your reputation. Find other trustworthy people that value their promises as much as you value yours.


Make promises with friends and family.

Oathocracy | Personal Use


Trust works better than contracts. Build a trustworthy reputation with your customers and peers by keeping the promises you make with them.

Oathocracy | Political use


End the distrust in politics. Request that your politicians make their promises public on Oathocracy and hold them accountable for the promises they make.

Oathocracy | Sharing use

Sharing Economy

Build a global reputation for use in the sharing economy. Oathocracy’s proprietary reputation score is more reliable than customer reviews and 5-star rating systems.

Join the movement.

Oaths are the foundation of social trust and democracy. Become an adovcate and meet up with other Oathocrats that value their oaths as much as you value yours. Build trust with others and begin changing your community one oath at a time.

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